Hello, I'm Annabelle.

Once upon a time when I was in my 20s I studied for an MSc in Wildlife Management and Conservation and I loved it!  I was, and still am, utterly fascinated by the Earth's rich biodiversity, it's habitats and organisms, and mans, often detrimental, impact on the environment.

While completing the course I had my first child, but it wasn't until my third child came along that I recognised the huge benefits of getting outdoors and exercising. It was time for me to make sure I focused on having some time I could call my own which gave me just a little bit space in my everyday life. The time I spent exercising outdoors was very precious in those hectic days of having a young family.

So, after other ventures once the children were all in school, I became a Nordic Walking instructor and have am able to share being in our glorious English countryside with others whilst getting fit at the same time!
Shortly after,  I qualified in instructing exercise and physical activity for children aged 5-16 yrs and began taking after school clubs.
In the school holidays I combine both exercise and fun outdoor activities providing holiday clubs that are a great break from the classroom. I enjoy encouraging children to make the most of our wonderful outdoors, get them appreciating the little things, from dew covered spider's webs to the first tiny acorns, and inspiring them to look at the natural world with wonder.
In early 2015 I qualified to provide exercise sessions for preschool children too. These can't always be outside but if possible they are!

Active Outdoorsy was born aiming to get you outside enjoying our countryside and benefitting you both mentally and physically (and me too!)